crime and violence in saint petersburg

A 300-year history of robberries, murders, rapes, repressions, coups d'état, war crimes and other acts of violence in a poster format structured in time and space.


Assassination of the Emperor Pavel the First

“Time to grow up! Go and rule!” — heard Alexander, heir to the throne, as he stood in his father’s bedroom, witnessing the stabbing. A coup took place in the Engineers’ castle by the group of the Emperor’s Pavel closest circle.

“That was unexpected! I thought we’d just scare him a little...” — mumbled Alexander and rulled happily ever after for the next 25 years.


Mayor’s  controversial election campaign

Anatoly Sobchak — a foster father to both young russian democracy and to his bodyguard ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin — ended his political career in 2000, thus clearing the way for the new aspiring star in town.

“Premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances” change to “Food poisoning” — proclaimed the judge and closed the case.


Execution of the Romanov family

Nicholas the Second deeply cared about his family and the empire he ruled. However regardless of the size, his love didn’t help save neither of them. Russian empire was swept away by the revolution; entire family arrested, exiled, ultimately shot in a basement, bodies burnt and obliviated.


Disputed aquisition of the social media monopoly

By throwing 5K-rouble notes from the window of the lofty office in downtown Saint Petersburg, Pavel Durov stated the fact that social media is here in Russia and it’s big. 

A No.1 network — Vkontakte — became so popular, lucrative, and dangerous to the system that it was only a matter of time till the corrupt police establishment decided to lay its hand on it.

They flocked like bees to honey. Durov left the country after hastily selling his share, and the big brother network got the access to the biggest user database in history.


The dissidents and alcoholism

Hypocrisy and double standarts — aka the trademark of the Soviet system — made it almost impossible for russian intellectuals to be true to oneself and earn the living at the same time.

Such a dilemma led many to search for an escape either outside the country, or inside the bottle. Renowned writer Sergey Dovlatov managed to combine both, however is famous not only for that.


Poet Yesenin’s misterious suicide

Sergey Yesenin’s last words “Goodbye my friend, goodbye” were found next to lots of young women’s death beds in 1925.

“Please stop this epidemic of copycat suicides!” — objected poet Mayakovski, — “In this life it is not hard to die, to mold life is more difficult” — continued he, and swallowed the entire can of sleeping pills. 

Both misterious deaths are suspected to follow the ancient tradition of police involvement into poet’s suicides in Russia.


WW2  hunger 

A 2½ years siege of Saint Petersburg resulted in nearly million non-military deaths caused by hunger, cold or exhuastion.

Such a loss could have been avoided by setting up a proper defence, supported by a diversified supply chain. However in order to save the resources Stalin abandoned the city leaving its citizens on their own.

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